The Daily Locker Room is a series of video messages that offer a positive perspective on issues in life that everyone experiences.

This project is the brainchild of Eric Giglione, author of "Messages," who runs Giglione Ackerman Agencies and Diversified Benefits.

Besides running a successful business, Eric has a passion for inspiring people through published media and public speaking. He truly finds joy in offering what he’s learned, through years of personal and professional experience, to help others enrich their lives and better themselves.

With over 2,000 video messages and over 1.5 million views combined, The Daily Locker Room has grown to be an inspiration for so many to continue to live their very best life.

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“It is through these messages, DLR included, that I have taken a new approach to my daily routine in work and more importantly in life...I took my career from working at a local restaurant as a line chef to working for DELL in Nashville TN, all in less than a year.”
— Kevin Morgan
“The Daily Locker Room is a great way to prepare yourself for success and achieve everything that you want in life. The messages provided in the book help me get in the right mindset so that I can get the most out of everyday in my leadership career”
— Chuck Davidson, Supervising Agent, 2015