“It is through these messages, DLR included, that I have taken a new approach to my daily routine in work and more importantly in life...I took my career from working at a local restaurant as a line chef to working for DELL in Nashville TN, all in less than a year.”
— Kevin Morgan

Dear Coach Gig, My Name is Markus Scherl, I am 26 years old and live in Austria. Besides my studies at the masters programme of strategic management at the University of Innsbruck, I run my own internet company. I am a huge fan of the Daily Locker Room. Your videos really inspire me! Thank you very much.
— Markus Scherl

Thank you once again for having this locker room to turn around my days on the job in the office, field. Or when I’m just feeling down and out in regular life. You told me I have a tenacity, and that’s what needed to obtain the top contract in our business. Gigs I won’t ever give up. Everyday I strive to serve others more in abundance. Thanks so much.
— Donte Grant

You have inspired me so much that I am doing things out in the field that I could never see myself doing. I just want to thank you for being Eric.
— Judy Jones-Mazza

Hi Coach Gigs; Your message today on “Get and Stay Committed” was one I really needed to hear. I’ve been an agent with AIL for a little over 3 months. Your inspiration today has helped me feel stronger. Keep those locker rooms coming! I’ve never met you, but I have my coffee with you every morning. Thanks Gigs
— Eileen Carpentieri

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Hello! I just want to express my gratitude for all you do! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the wisdom, knowledge and energy that you share with me on a daily basis! I love watching the locker room! You all are amazing.
— Haydee Burrola

I quickly researched all that I could on AIL when I joined the team and found your videos at that time. Your messages and others from The Daily Locker Room have been an invaluable resource to me and I’m using them to motivate others in the office.
— Benjamin Jenkins

Coach, today’s message was phenomenal as always but the ENERGY you put in there, gave me the VISION OF HOPE. EVERY SINGLE morning I start my morning with your video around 4:00-4:15am. I just wanted to let you know how much this mean to me & I really appreciate you sharing these amazing ideas, knowledge & wisdom. Thank you thank you thank you!!
— Kumar Patel, SA, AIL-Cincinnati Surace-Smith Agency

Excellent, endearing messages. Your messages made me realize that it is a mindset that I have to retrain myself to perceive myself in a different way. Thanks again for the therapeutic messages.
— Joanne Pellone

First, keep up the great work and thank you. Second, after my mentor/uncle suggested The Daily Locker Room, I have been listening and applying most of the messages. On May 6th my current boss discussed with me about passing down his firm to me. Positive thinking and attitude that was shaped by The Daily Locker Room was a huge factor for this blessing. Again, thank you.
— Amanuel Abraha

“The Daily Locker Room is a great way to prepare yourself for success and achieve everything that you want in life. The messages provided in the book help me get in the right mindset so that I can get the most out of everyday in my leadership career”
— Chuck Davidson, Supervising Agent, 2015