The Giglione-Ackerman Agency is one of the leading insurance agencies internationally within the family of American Income Life Insurance companies. Our mission is to provide supplemental life and health benefits. The Giglione-Ackerman Agency is comprised of two companies: American Income Life which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Torchmark Corporation, a Platinum Fortune 400 company.

As American Income Life expands, the territory of the Giglione-Ackerman Agencies also expands and currently includes the entire state of New Jersey. With American Income Life’s unique niche marketing system, we see unlimited growth in the future.

All agencies in the American Income Life family share the common focus of providing affordable benefits for America’s working class families.

Our Office in Edison, New Jersey

Our Office in Edison, New Jersey

Our History

Eric J. Giglione and David Ackerman are the State General Agents for American Income Life Insurance Company. The Giglione-Ackerman Agencies enjoy the support of Roger Smith, President and Chief Marketing Officer and the resources of American Income Life. The Giglione-Ackerman Agencies provide the systems and infrastructure to assure its associates success.
American Income Life was first chartered in 1924. In 1951, AIL was purchased by Bernard Rappaport who subsequently positioned the company as a provider of supplemental life and health benefits for working men and women of labor unions around the world. We now serve not only Labor Unions but Credit Unions, Associations, and those sponsored by our primary markets.
American Income Life is a principle subsidary of the Torchmark Corporation. Torchmark Corp., a Platninum 400 company, is a diversified financial services organization that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange , as an industry leader in supplemental insurance.

Because Eric Giglione increased production 936% between the years 1999 and 2002, in May of the year 2003 sister company National Income Life granted the agency acquisition rights to the New York City Metropolitan area.


Our Eric

Eric J. Giglione, State General Agent

Eric J. Giglione has dedicated his life to providing leadership to those he leads, the community, and his family. As one of the most successful leaders at American Income Life Insurance Company, Eric has held every position in the company and was promoted up the old fashion way, hard work, integrity, dedication to excellence and visionary leadership.

He recently celebrated his 33rd year with American Income Life and is currently responsible for providing leadership to over 300 associates. As a 100% Union Life Insurance Company, his agencies service more than one half million Union Members. The agencies are located throughout New Jersey.

Eric was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He comes from a working class family. His father, Philip Giglione, was a third generation barber, and his mother, Josephine, was a seamstress, and now lives in Florida. At the age of 73, Josephine has entered into the real estate business and is very successful. Eric has two brothers who are auto mechanics and live in Florida and Mississippi.

After finishing high school, Eric realized that he liked people and started his career in customer service and sales. He would find himself going to work in the insurance business because he believed in it. Eric would watch his father have a stroke and become paralyzed at the age of 43 and his mother would develop cancer several years later. This had a profound impact on him. Because of his faith in his career path of life insurance, and his extreme drive and determination, he would move up very quickly.

Eric was the youngest appointed agency owner in the company’s history at the age of 23. He would find himself at home serving union members because of his working class background. Never losing sight of his background, he would use his success to help others. Supporting working people through many projects, contributions and political fund raising, Eric would earn the respect of both Labor Leaders and Politicians who support the rights of working people.

Eric learned early in life through mentorship of Bernard Rapoport, the Founder of American Income Life, three things: 1. Never let a book out of your hands. 2. Have a sense of outrage against injustice. 3. Protect your name at all cost. Eric is currently a member of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Sayreville, NJ and is and is a proud father of Nicole Giglione, his daughter.


Our David

David Ackerman, State General Agent

David Ackerman has led a career highlighted by leading and developing others. Born and bred in New Jersey, David is the oldest of two children. His parents are both entrepreneurs, and created an environment in which David learned the value of hard work.

After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in English and American Literature, David turned to writing as a career and became a financial journalist in New York City. Starting as a reporter covering Wall Street for a business-to-business publisher, he quickly became an editor, then bureau chief in London. After moving to a start-up publisher and helping create and develop several publications there, he decided to find a career that could be both financially rewarding and allow him to tangibly help other people.

David has been with American Income Life since 2003 and oversees more than 150 associates and managers in three offices across New Jersey. He started as an agent in the agency’s Leadership Development Program. David adapted quickly to sales, despite having no background in the field, and quickly became a top leader. Within his first year with the company he had already become a Master General Agent, building a successful team of growing leaders.

Every step of the way, David remained coachable, absorbing everything he could from successful leaders in the company. None were more influential than Eric Giglione, who shared with David a passion for leadership and a powerful work ethic.

In 2011, after more than seven years of success with American Income Life, Eric and David became partner State General Agents in New Jersey, where they benefit from each other’s experiences in leadership.

David is now focused on sharing his dreams and goals with others. He has devoted himself to giving back to the agency that launched him to heights he’d previously only imagined. Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching sessions or teaching leadership classes, David’s greatest desire is to see others succeed and come up higher.