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Eric J. Giglione has dedicated his life to providing leadership to his dedicated team, the community, and his family. As one of the most successful leaders at American Income Life Insurance Company, Eric has held every position, and was promoted up the old fashion way; through hard work, integrity, dedication to excellence, and visionary leadership.

He recently celebrated his 38th year with American Income Life and is currently responsible for providing leadership to over 300 associates. As a 100% Union Life Insurance Company, his agencies service more than one half million Union Members throughout New Jersey. 

Eric was born and raised in Long Island, New York in a working-class family. His father, Philip Giglione, was a third-generation barber, and his mother, Josephine, was a seamstress. At the age of 73, Josephine entered the real estate business and was very successful. Eric has two brothers who are auto mechanics and live in Florida as well as Mississippi. 

After finishing high school, Eric realized that he was a people-person, and started his career in customer service and sales. He found himself going to work in the insurance business because he believed in what it could do for others. Eric watched his father have a stroke and become paralyzed at the age of 43, and his mother developed cancer several years later, which had a profound impact on him. Because of his faith in his career path of life insurance, and his extreme drive and determination, he moved up very quickly.

Eric was the youngest appointed agency owner in the company’s history at the age of 23. He found himself at home serving union members because of his working-class background. Never losing sight of his background, he used his success to help others. By supporting working people through numerous projects, contributions, and political fundraising, Eric has earned the respect of both Labor Leaders and Politicians who support the rights of working people.

Eric learned early in life through the mentorship of Bernard Rapoport, the Founder of American Income Life, three things: 1. Never let a book out of your hands. 2. Have a sense of outrage against injustice. 3. Protect your name at all costs. He is a proud father of Nicole Giglione.

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