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to help provide valuable protection for you and your family.


No-Cost Child Safe Kit ®

Every parent has had the frightening experience of looking away from their child for mere seconds, only to find them gone when they look back. Fortunately, they are usually quickly found close by. But what if they’re not?

The Child Safe® Kit makes pertinent information about your child available in one place, at a moment’s notice when seconds count the most.


No-Cost Will & Testament, Living Will, & Workbook Kit

Maybe you have had a loved one pass, and they didn't have a Will in place. Or maybe you are thinking about your own mortality. Maybe you are wondering what happens to your children in the event that you pass away?

If you do not have a Will and Testament, then this will be up to your family to decide.

Well, we have good news for you. Our Free Will Kit covers all these issues and MUCH MORE.

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