Agent Testimonials

I have been here for almost 27 years! There aren’t enough good things I can say about this company! It has changed my life and my family’s life in a way that I never have to worry about anything. It secured not only my future but my children’s futures. And just as importantly I have seen it change the life of so many people around me for the better!!!
— David Hausman, Managing General Agent

Best career decision I could’ve made for my life, I have never been surrounded by so many motivated and amazing individuals. This career is what you make it, very transparent environment and communication. You get out of it what you put in. Unfortunately, most individuals want to take the “easy” route and conform to jobs they despise in the long run anyways.
— Claudia Jacquet, Supervising Agent

I love this company. The earning potential is simply unlimited. I highly recommend you redirect your efforts to a company that validates your hard work and commitment. To me that’s AIL.
— Jonathan Burns, Agent

Here I have met my best friends that I also call my coworkers. Never have I seen an opportunity quite like this one. A company that allows you to dictate your potential with no limits or caps on your career. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to grow.
— Jessica Chang, Supervising Agent

I’ve had a lot of jobs throughout my life. At American Income Life I’ve finally found my career and place I can call home.
— David Duddy, General Agent

This agency makes the impossible very possible.
— James Robinson, Supervising Agent
I have been working for this great company for over 3 years, and it has changed not only my life but my families life. Over my life time I’ve had more jobs then i can count to provided for my family, and this opportunity was different and special from any other place I’ve worked. I’ve never been part of a more positive and supportive team then here. The income is incredible and the opportunity to grow is amazing. I’ve been promoted several times since I’ve been here. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great opportunity to reach out to the agency, you won’t be disappointed.
— Matthew Castelli, General Agent

I started working for The Giglione-Ackerman Agency at the age of 20. At the time I was going to school full time, wrestling on the wrestling team at school, and working 3 jobs to try to meet ends meet. I left everything for this opportunity and it ultimately changed my life.

Flash forward 4 years later, at the age of 24 I’ve received 4 promotions and am one of the youngest GMs in the country. Company gave me a purpose and it allowed me to use this opportunity to do the things I’ve always dreamt of doing like traveling, running a business, and helping people.

If you are a person that is coachable, hardworking, and love continuously bettering yourself/the people you surround yourself with this might be the perfect opportunity for you. I strongly recommend it, it might even change your life.
— Taylor Black, General Agent

The opportunity at Giglione-Ackerman Agency has changed my life! I have been here for just over a year and have already achieved management! My income is higher than it has ever been. I can’t say thank you enough for the opportunity and all the benefits that come along with it. Love this career!
— Dory Freud, General Agent

I have been here at this agency for over 2 years, and it changed my life. Opportunity unlimited is why I decided to work here, the sky’s the limit. The opportunity allows me to be financially stable, live on my own, and gives me the lifestyle that I want. I am truly blessed.
— Jesus Tolentino, Agent