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Gig-Ack Referral Partnership Opportunity

Would you like a simple & effective way to earn Passive Income? Do you know somebody looking for work or looking to change career paths? Well, we’ve got you both covered!

For EVERY referral you send our way, who sits for an interview, you will receive $50. That’s right, all they need to do is walk through our doors and YOU get paid. It’s that simple!



  • Send your referral the following link and have them fill out the application form on our careers page. They will be asked how they were referred to us.


  • Fill out the below form so we can match you with your referral when they come in to interview.

Did your referral fill out our career form?


  • Get paid! At the end of the month, you will be mailed a check for the combined total based on how many people you referred to us that month. It will be mailed to the address that you provided in the above form. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

DISCLAIMER: All referrals MUST be authorized to work in the State of New Jersey and currently seeking a job or looking for a new opportunity/career path. Payment will not be provided to those who blindly refer people solely for payment purposes. All payments will be made at the discretion of our agency owners.

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