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Las Vegas Announced As 2025 Globe Life Convention Location

Next year, Globe Life is heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for its annual convention. The company revealed the trademark city as the location in early 2024.

Globe Life Convention

Globe Life treats its sales force in many ways, including enticing bonus structures and memorable leadership trip opportunities. Their yearly convention, however, seems to be at the top of each agent's wishlist.

Every year, the company rallies together the highest performers of its organizations and rewards them with an all-expenses paid convention getaway fit for the elite.

In previous years, top-selling agents have gone worldwide for the annual retreat, including destinations like Paris, Cancun, the Dominican Republic, and more.

This May, Globe Life is gearing up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Hawaii to celebrate the 2024 convention.

How To Earn A Spot To The Convention

To qualify, agents must reach a specific benchmark in written business depending on their contract level.

The qualification period runs throughout the entire calendar year. The earlier agents begin submitting their business, the more opportunity they give themselves to punch their ticket for the following year's trip.

Don't Miss Out

Looking for a career that will fly you across the globe on their dime? Work around your own schedule with Globe Life.

Visit today to learn more about our career opportunities

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