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Globe Life 2023 Annual Incomes Revealed

Globe Life American Income/National Income Division has announced the annual income levels of its salesforce for 2023. 83 insurance agents earned more than a seven-figure income, beating last year's number by 16 people.

2,655 Agents Surpassed $100,000 In Income

In a time when the company exceeded all previous years' production levels, Globe Life also paid record highs to their agents.

Globe Life saw a double-digit percentage of growth and because of this factor...

83 Agents Earned Over $1,000,000

Across the company, 83 insurance sales professionals broke a seven-figure income level. The previous year, it had paid over $1,000,000 to only 67 agents.

What Allows An Agent To Make These Amounts?

A massive reason for this increase in high-income earners is Globe Life's continuous support in the development of its sales force. Through frequent leadership conferences and training academies, Globe Life prepares the next generation of entrepreneurs to succeed above and beyond their expectations.

These income levels are also achieved through agents capitalizing on the company's rather generous bonus and renewal structures.

These annuities compound over an agent's tenure. Typically the longer one stays with Globe Life, the more they are paid out.

Lastly, the growing online job market is continuing to boom, allowing Globe Life's sales force to expand beyond more borders than ever before. Agents are being onboarded all over the country, allowing for production to shatter previous limits.

Globe Life fully intends to churn out even larger payments to its people in 2024. At the rate they are growing, one could expect the company to pay over $1,000,000 to more than 100 agents next year.

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