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MVP, Rookie of the Year Award Winners Announced

The GA Gerstein Organization has named Charlie Nacovsky and Frank Amato as the recipients of the 2023 MVP and Rookie of the Year awards.


Charlie's path to being crowned the company's MVP was a historic one.

After recording monumental numbers, earning himself multiple $30K club entries, and even scoring the prized Rolex, he broke the agency record for annual personal production. What stood as an untouchable achievement for nearly two decades had finally been shattered.

When asked what the secret to his success was, Charlie offered a few tips.

"The only thing that is going to catapult you to a number that is astronomical is referrals," he said. "If you tell yourself that you will make 200 calls but quit after 195 because you got too upset, you're giving up on yourself too early. Those last five dials could've been those sales."

Rookie of the Year

After seeing the splash Frank made in his first year, it was an easy decision to give him the honor of Rookie of the Year.

Since coming onto the scene in February of 2023, Frank has been protecting families and building his team while studying full-time.

Earning his degree in chemical engineering, he utilizes any time away from classes and studying to set up appointments with families who are looking for coverage.

"Coachability is the best ability. Being willing to trust the process and learn from day one is huge for anyone in this business," he stated when asked what boosted him to win the award.

What's Next For These Two?

Charlie already has his eyes set on breaking his newly set record in 2024. With such fierce and encouraging competition, he believes he is more than capable of doing it due to his referral business naturally piling up.

Frank is beginning to grow his team of ambitious entrepreneurs. He looks to one day to see the same Rookie of the Year honor he won bestowed onto a new winner from his own lineage.

GA Gerstein is excited to help these two winners conquer even taller mountains and crush their goals for the remainder of the year.

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